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The Shape of the Things to Come,

In the Sunny Spring, Almond blossoms
A Mount Fuji, A Graceful Lady
Lovely Children, Treasure Islands
Ah, Will I not see them again.

By H.G.Wells

Welcome to Rinko’s Blog

Rink testifies about “Light and Love” in this blog.

May your human power, your sensibility and your spirituality be up lifted.
May you lead a healthy life with a mindfulness.

The author of the Bible, our Creator, the LORD almighty has an absolute mind to lead His people to better and the best and to the truth.

So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth:
it shall not return unto me void,
but it shall accomplish that which I please,
and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it. – Isaiah 55:11

God did not make religions.

HE sent great prophets to the earth to tell His nation
about love and mercy teaching which later became religion.

GOD does not separate His nation by religions.

GOD sent Moses, Buddha, Jesus, Mohammad and
many other prophets to clean the earth.

God chose the place, the hour and the people,
according to the times and the environment
He made the right person the best and the best spirit and made the truth to say.

God is love, Buddha is compassion and enlightenment.

Therefore, God, if a person wishes, if they ask or pray,
HE will teach the truth, lead us to the better and give us beautiful good things.

Everyone would be led to the true God and His beauty.

Religion is its sacred entrance to heaven with GOD.
Please do not mistake the entrance as there are many false doors from that Fallen Angel, by the hands of Lucifer, what the Devil dominates,
There are so many …

God gives inquiry and faith to human beings,
  It gave us the pleasure to praise HIM
with hearts seeking eternity.

There is no one perfect.
No one can be saved on his or her own.
We all need someone to love or being loved.
We live but being alive to live.
Everything is so connected to each other.

We are not perfect in front of God,
Because we all carry some kind of sin.

Here is one who has redeemed our sins.
It is Jesus Christ.

HE who has been prophesied in the Bible is our Savior.

The Buddha realized the truth under the tree.
To people in general it is impossible.

Amida Nyorai in Buddhism who comes to relieve humanity from the west
It is very similar to Christ Jesus.

Remember that we are all spiritual beings,
Please feel a lot by all means!

The answer is always in Heaven.
Please have a time of prayer.

May you be a free person,
May you know the truth,
May you feel gratitude,
May you live your life with God’s love and mercy.


Being a Japanese, you need to face reality and know the truth and the facts.
We must protect this precious country from our enemies.
Let’s thank the spirits who fought for the sake of the country, for our loved ones and their families.
Let’s visit and cherish the Yasukuni Shrine.
Why did the War have to happen and lead to to world war …
What was the Tokyo Trial? …
What did GHQ do with Japanese occupation for seven years …

It was not a story so long ago.
Even now, the world is moving, and further expanding.
Japan was beaten and targeted by absolute evil.
Media coverage does not convey or pursue the truth ..
Convenient legislation always passes as a result of false media coverage…,

First of all, please start with knowing the truth.
Who dominates this world, and leading us as if were are cattle?
Do not end up only with conspiracy theory. Who is spreading conspiracy theory?

Why does Japan stick with the Constitution forced by MacArthur?
Exclusive defense is impossible.
Hiroki Ishii who pursued a mysterious special account was stabbed.
Koizumi advocating the privatization of the postal service caused Japan’s huge wealtb to flow out overseas.
This country should be rich indeed, but how long will politics not agreed by the people continue? …

Even on earth, there are angels who fights demons.
In the heavenly world, Lucifer has been exiled and defeated a long time ago.
Demons attach to super selfish greedy people who want to hold power on earth.
The sad nature of human beings pursuing wealth is grasping the weakness and showing a gap to the devil.
So they come to learn.
I do not know that the evil forces will cease.

First, please start with knowing the truth.
And get angry. Please defend yourself against evil in the spirit of Yamato and fight.

Please understand the truth for this beautiful Japan is to be beautiful as it is.

Not only in your own country, but also in other countries, also to prosper, in Japan spirit,

Let’s show the power of Japanese people to the world and fulfill the ethnic mission.


I would like to testify of my experiences with “Light and Love”.

I pray that your human power, sensitivity, and spirituality will be enhanced in order that
you may live an abundant life both physically and mentally.

Our Creator is of a strong will. He is “light and love and wisdom and justice” – the Almighty –
and is the Author of the Holy Bible.

So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth:
it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please,
and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it.

Isaiah 55:11

“You know the reason why.”
“Please tell others of my existence.”

This was the Light and the Voice of God which Rinko heard in a dream on February 12, 1988.

God did not create religion, people did.
But God has given people an inquiring mind, faith, and a heart to seek eternity with joy.

There is no person who is perfect.
We are not saved by our own efforts. Salvation comes from outside.
This is because in God’s eyes we are all sinners.
But there is One Who has redeemed us from sin with His own Body.

His Name is Jesus Christ.

The Person prophesied in the Holy Scriptures is our Savior.

Amitābha who came from the West to save mankind is also very similar to Christ Jesus.
Jesus’ disciple Thomas who touched Jesus directly after the Lord’s resurrection,
went to the East and became a missionary in India and influenced Buddhism …

I hope by all means you will take something from this site to brighten your life!
The answers to all our problems come from Heaven.
Please take time for prayer.

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