Shadow lady

Human life is quite varied. The are many with no name in the world, and there are those who are household names..

Everyone is born with a mission. Souls who come into this world have a role to fulfil with each other. Souls are made in Heaven which means everyone in this life, regardless of who is good or bad, regardless of what they accomplish, is precious. Beginning with the creation of the heavens and the creation of the universe, there is a solid intention for everything, and it involves even a small life in a micro world. The Creator of all things spiritually breathes life into all. The Creator is involved with that person and this person, and everyone from beginning to end, from birth to the end, as the maker of the person. The Creator continues to be involved with the history of mankind, the history of the nation, the world, and knows the past, the present, the future and everything.

God has plans from the beginning to the end, and because of that, those plans are magnificent. There are plans that are immeasurable, surpassing human knowledge, essential and fundamentally simple. God is truth and love in the universe, and is its providence and principles. God has a profound plan of the creation of the universe that leads to the selection of the soul.

Rinko did not imagine her life would involve with God to such an extent. In fact, however, the Lord continued to be involved, forgiving, training, training, and training her, to guide her, to help her follow His Will, to act, to act. She thinks now, from the beginning to the end, she was given a mission and sent into this world! It would not be an exaggeration to say that.

Rinko experienced mysterious experiences in the early 40s and became a Christian as a person who is convinced of God’s existence. Since then, she has read the Bible, worshipped Jesus as her Master, and the Supporter of her heart. She came to know the joy of living with Jesus Christ the Saviour. It is God’s will that changed her view of life, her view of the world, everything. Here, Rinko will share half a lifetime of her life, a person who has no name. As a testimony …

She is a great adventurer. She will spell out half a life, but she wants to walk the second half of that life with you.

The Story of Rinko, 2016

Love suffers long and is kind; love does not envy, love does not parade itself, is not puffed up.


Section 1

石川陽子 (車戸凛子/ペンネーム)

Yoko Ishikawa
(Pen name Rinko Kurumato)

Leap High Rinko“Light and Love” 


Chapter 1 My Parents’ and Ancestors’ Bloodlines
Chapter 2 Upbringing
Chapter 3 Rinko’s Youth
Chapter 4 Rinko’s Marriage
Chapter 5 Bullying and Lies
Chapter 6 Mysterious Dreams, Prophecies and Predictions
Chapter 7 The Creation of Leap High 28  Charity  The Sealed Land of the Bible: East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Help Japan
Chapter 8 NPO Rising Cloud & Japan Escort The Spirit of Yamato to the World

Section 2

Everyone, let’s Leap High! Japan’s Role and Possibilities

Chapter 1 E-Learning and Active Learning for Education About Medical 
Chapter 2 Establishment of a New Company,
Chapter 3 Establishing the Polaris and the Children’s World Foundation 

Section 3

Integrating Science, Medicine, Music and Art in the World
Crystal People in Society
Peace on earth! 
May the Prince of Love and Peace Come to the World!


Greetings to whoever is now reading “The Story of Rinko”. It is a tale of a woman who has been through rare and mystical experiences. She is motivated to keep the intentions of the will of the universe and promote them forward to humanity. Rinko has been steadily executing her grand plan based on unique concepts. It is something only she can do. It is up to you whether or not you receive the entire message of the universe from “Rinko”. What you feel from “Rinko” and how this determines how you act in the future is dependent on your sensitivity, spirituality and level of human development.

Rinko is a friendly outgoing personality, and brave in the face of adversities. She was raised by a loving family. She is a woman of manlike determination and execution abilities, always passionately facing challenges to change and transform a situation without fear of failure! She is very curious and redoubles her efforts to seek answers. She always has the good fortune to keep what she wants! Rinko follows the dictates of her heart, effortlessly without toil being driven by her curiosity. She climbs up the stairwell of life to open the door at the top which leads her to the room where she opens up “Pandora’s box”.

Her thought and behavior patterns are unique. She was an exchange student in America when a teenager, experienced the nightlife of Paris, employed as a flight attendant by a foreign airline, and spent much time traveling the world. After that she married a dentist and became the head manager of his dental clinic. Rinko has now put her best efforts in the promotion of her NPO activities. At the same time she is beginning to see things from a different perspective. Added to her “strong will”, “beliefs” and “sense of justice”, she also has an absolute trust in the source of “light and love”. Is it intuition or “confidence” of what she can accomplish that inspires her to continue to face challenges without anxiety and fear? “Positive thinking” produces “positive results” which continues upward in a “positive spiral”.

This story is a three-part series of the the past, present and the future of Rinko. Your past has determined your present. Your future is an extended line from your present! It is best if you begin right now to seek positive changes in your life in order to climb that positive spiral staircase. Precious were the things Rinko experienced at a young age when her sensitivities were vulnerable. They were a great influence on her subsequent values and her outlook on life and world view. Here you will follow her super-big story of her current progressive form in real time. It may be beneficial to your future.

Everyone has a certain fate and destiny. It’s important to know when, where, and to whom you were born to understand how you were influenced. I think it’s needful to take some quiet time and mediate about when and where you had encounters with others when growing up. Rinko was born in Japan on November 1, 1946, and raised by unusually gifted parents in a rare environment.

Is it the intention of the universe that this world, human society, the earth on which you are living is not an accidental product? If you consider there exists laws of retribution, I think this story has much to tell you.

Rinko Kurumato, December12, 2015

Chapter 1
Rinko’s Parents’ and Ancestors’ Bloodlines

It’s better to slow down and get there than never to arrive at all.


Rinko’s parents were both born in Hikone City, Shiga Prefecture. Her father’s ancestors, the Kurumado Family, served as Shinto priests of the Taga Grand Shrine in the Taga District, Shiga Prefecture, for generations, and the Kurumado-clan consists also of Koga Ninjas from the Koga district in Shiga Prefecture. Her mother’s side consists of merchants of the Kitamura sake (rice wine) brewery company. Master Soko Kurumado, Rinko’s great great uncle, a Shinto priest, protected and hid Hirobumi Ito and other loyalist patriots at the Taga Grand Shine at the time of the Meiji Restoration. For this the Kurumado family received a letter of gratitude from the Prime Minister. This was when Hirobumi Ito became the first Prime Minister of Japan.

The reason why some Koga Ninjas served as priests in the Taga Grand Shrine was because the Koga Ninjas made herbal medicines from herbs and would travel around the country with an amulet from the shrine while selling the medicine. They also collected information for the priest of the Shrine. Their relationship with the Taga Grand Shrine was continuous. Inheriting the blood of such ancestors caused Rinko to become a very well informed person.

Ninjas began from the time of Prince Shotoku. The Kurumado clan always seemed to have served in the imperial court. Rinko’s current vision is to share the culture of Japan with the world. The greatest influence on the world’s religions and thought has been the Holy Bible. There are many prophecies about Japan in it, and its teachings have many similarities to thoughts and practices in Japanese culture. People who have discovered a relationship with the ancient Hebrews from Israel and Japan have created what they call the “Japanese-Jewish common ancestry theory”, but Rinko doesn’t think this is an accurate title. From the Bible we learn that the Jews were separated from the 10 Northern Tribes of Israel from the time of Solomon’s son, Rehoboam, in 932/931 BC. And believe it or not, Japanese are descendants of the lost ten tribes in Northern Israel, which Rinko intends to describe more in detail in part two.

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Chapter 2
Rinko’s Upbringing


Life is a journey; Heaven is the destination.

Rinko’s parents are from the Kansai area of Japan, but she was born and raised in Tokyo and therefore a cosmopolitan woman. She was an overseas exchange student who had part of her High School and University education abroad. As a result she developed a bold outgoing personality. She is an atypical Japanese woman with a genuine Yamato character.

Rinko did not know God when she was young. She grew up without knowing or ever being taught about Him. While still in God’s world of “love and light” before coming to earth, did Rinko choose her parents, or where they chosen for her? In Heaven do children select their parents? Or does God choose the person through whose womb the child will come to earth? Each person’s life is precious and irreplaceable. He or she was given life from the world of love and light and programmed to live life on earth to the utmost. Life is something that is inherently powerful. We are supposed to live life to its fullest. When Rinko was a child, she didn’t have to know anything. As long as she was cheerfully obedient, nurtured by her parents, society and environment, her life was the growing process of a bud that remains unplucked.

This was the course of Rinko’s upbringing: She was the fifth child of her 47-year old father and 33-year old mother. Any father who is 47 years old is especially fond of his youngest daughter. Baby Rinko often sat on her father’s knee dressed in a thickly-wadded large-size kimono and would quietly listen to the adults speak to each other. She was her father’s treasured child. And of course being a pampered child, she grew up spoiled. Although Rinko may have been spoiled by her father, because of his affectionate care, she was raised free from harm and danger. As a result, her personality developed flawlessly and she grew to process a curious and adventure loving spirit.

In order to raise an emotionally stable child, one that is balanced, motivated and self-reliant, Rinko believes that a parent must continually show that child excessive affection. She felt she was raised by her parents with more than the usual amount of affection. It was probably well more than enough. Any behavior that betrays the trust of a child may leave a scar on that child’s heart for life. In order to nourish a precious heart that would love people, love others, and give love to others after becoming an adult, it is important to feel the love of one’s parents.

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Chapter 3
Rinko’s Youth Study in America, Work as a Flight Attendant, Nightlife in Paris Her Past


The springtime of Rinko’s life was during when she was 16 to 26 years old. Her youth was rich in change. It was 10 years of adventure in search of something she knew not what. It was certainly not a time of confidence nor stability, nor relaxation. Including having a love relationship, everything she pursued always brought one adventure after another. Though she was able to satisfy her curiosity and found satisfaction in meeting challenges, her heart still did not feel at ease. She had the liberty to do anything she wanted to do but this didn’t result in a feeling of satisfaction. However, what Rinko learned in the process greatly helped to broaden her worldview.

At 16 years old her study abroad in America was an intense experience. After university she found immediate employment as a flight attendant. Traveling the world was an enriching experience for Rinko in learning about different countries and their customs. Working in two different airlines two years each over a period of four years was quite beneficial in helping her see the world. And her experiences of sightseeing and enjoying her time in Paris was the flower of her youth. She dated a French man of nobility for a year without care whether their relationship would last or not. She worked as a flight attendant for an Indian airline for two years. When she met the Dalai Lama who was sitting in first class on one of her flights, she became conscience for the first time of a person’s aura. It was an aura that shined brilliantly. In Bombay (Mumbai) , she witnessed the inequality of Indian society compared with British society. As most Japanese are, Rinko tended to have a neutral attitude about it all and did not take sides. Rinko was glad to participate in events hosted by Maharaja and considered it worth her time to meet the top of India’s high society. However Rinko cannot find words to explain the unfairness of the strict caste system, which continues to exist and observed by many. Rinko was perplexed by India and its culture, a land of mystery from the time of the origin of the Indus civilization.

The 10 years of Rinko’s life living overseas was one of constant change. She wasn’t always in the same place doing the same thing. Her environment, situation and conditions continually changed. Starting with the USA she traveled around Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Rinko traveled throughout the Middle East when it was a peaceful land. But now, all hell has broken out! What on earth happened to it? When a person seeks to refine and change his or her observations and sensibilities with insights and knowledge, that person’s outlook on life, values and worldview will also change. Rinko felt many things through many experiences, including mystical ones, through naturally learning essential English when in America, and through education and learning about human nature. Rinko wishes to give back to society all the many blessings of knowledge and insights she received.

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Chapter 4
Rinko’s marriage, Opening a private English language school, father’s death, becoming a business manager, showing her ability, closing a branch of dental clinic


It was through marriage that Rinko first came to realize a person has a destiny, fate and karma. As described in the previous chapter, Rinko’s springtime of youth was 10 years of following the dictates of her heart and doing whatever she liked. During this time, her sensibilities developed, her worldview widened and her values increased. However she had no clear vision of what to pursue in life. After 10 years of searching for something and not finding it, “Rinko the traveler” pulled down the curtain of her youth and plunged into married life. Ir happened abruptly! Suddenly one day she found herself in an arranged marriage! Rinko married a man who lived in a completely different world than she did.

One day there finally came the time when Rinko’s wise father said “no” to his daughter who he always used to let have her own way. It was the first time in her life he ever told her no to something she wanted to do. It was like a bolt from the blue for Rinko who was used to living free though under the patronage of her father. “No way!” she thought. After Rinko returned to Japan from Paris she was scheduled to fly with Pan American World Airways, but her father forbade her from doing so. “Live your life with your feet on the ground,” her father admonished. His words fell heavy on her ears. A curtain of life was drawn by surprise and circumstances led to a sudden marriage. Though she had no vision or desire to wed, she yielded to her father’s wishes for an arranged marriage. It was quite unlike Rinko to do so, but it happened, and that’s how she got married.

Her marriage partner was a dentist, the second son of a wealthy family. He was the “boy who grew up”, a tall good looking man. You might say Rinko was raised to be a sweet little lady, but her life wasn’t secluded. She was a woman who lived a daring and wild life. Two people who differed in spirituality, sensibilities, human powers and karma came together in matrimony. Both Rinko and her husband were shocked when they realized they were polar opposites of each other in character. Marriage is the battlefield for the training of the soul. This is how Rinko understands it now but then she had no clue. She left it to her father to decide who would be her partner in marriage. She later regretted that she was so simple minded to let someone else decide for her. Shame became Rinko’s just reward and it resulted in a time of vexation and trials.

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