Rinko Kurumado (Legal name Yoko Ishikawa)

Japanese Not-for-Profit Organization RISING CLOUD / Founder, Chairperson
Medical Institution HOJIN-KAI, Ishikawa Dental Clinic / Executive director
Bible Japan Forum / member of the board of directors


1969~1971 Air India / International Flight Attendant
1971~1973 Alitalia Airlines / International Flight Attendant
1975~1995 Ishikawa English school / Principal (from children to university students,to conversation fr om school English)
1996~2008 Joined Ishikawa Dental Clinic to participate as a director
2008. 6. Established Not-for-profit organization “Leap High 28”
2008〜2012 Run activities on “Leap High 28” Music for charity, lecture and seminar for edification,
  support victims of 3.11 Hanshin Great Earthquake & Tsunami
2012~present Re-named to Not-for-profit organization ”RISING CLOUD”
2013. 4. 9. Applied the trademark, “Japan Escort”
2013. 9. 6. Registered the trademark “Japan Escort” Arts and culture, education and support,
  state-of-the-art optical science and technology, as such. We strive to spread the introduction of Japan,
  while “Escorted Japan” is active to the international networking in the Japanese culture and the spirit.


1965 Graduated from Ironton High School, Ohio, United States
1966 Enrolled the college of liberal arts, Sophia University in Tokyo, Japan
1968 Withdrew from Sophia University
1968 Studied abroad Sorbonne University, Paris

<Philosophy of Business management and non-profit corporation activities>
  And now abideth faith, hope, love, these three; but the greatest of these is love.
     (1 Corinthians, 13:13)

<Personal Background>

•The philosophy of “the way of God”: inherited from Master Soko Kurumado, Rinko’s great great uncle, the grand senior priest of the Shinto shrine, “TAGA TAISHA” which is located in Inugami County, Shiga Pref. Japan.
(About 160 years ago, in the end of EDO era, there were the Imperial Loyalists, such as Takayoshi Kido, Hirobumi Ito, who were chased by the Shogunate. He helped them and gave them shelter in the House of Kurumado located inside the TAGA TAISHA compound. Later, he received a letter of appreciation from Hirobumi Ito who became the prime minister of Japan)

•The philosophy of business management: inherited from her father, Kentaro Kitamura, the son of the family of grand senior priest of the Shinto shrine, “TAGA TAISHA
(Before WWII, he was an entrepreneur to establish pharmaceutical companies. after the WWII, established the Kitamura publishers and published Government periodicals such as from the Ministry of Health and Welfare)

•Creativity and invention: inherited from her mother, Shige Kitamura, daughter of KITAMURA Sake Manufacturer
(She invented Diaper Cover and got patented. Member of the Japan Women Inventors Association)

•Business Policy: inherited from her uncle, Shigeo Kitamura, born in Hikome-City, Shiga Pref., former Honorary Chairman, Chairman, President of OLYMPUS
(He made a foundation of Olympus as a medical equipment manufacturer, while he worked in the world marketing & distribution for the gastrocamera which Olympus developed.)

•Academic Research: inherited from her uncle, Hiroshi Kurumado, Professor Emeritus, School of Commerce, Waseda University

•Through the Spiritual experience in the February 11, 1989, midnight (the day of the Rites of Imperial Funeral), received the baptism of Christians in the 42-year-old on the Easter in the same year.
(Participation in the Sunday worship, charity activities several times of the year. Studying the Bible and philosophy books by herself)
•1990 while participating to the Seijo Church, cooperate in funding to the Japanese garden, built by the Missouri Church Headquarters.

•2007, focused on spiritual training and discipline for a year
•2016 Based on the experiences in the past, wrote the autobiography Rinko2016

People, culture, nations and ethnic groups. She has been always thinking WHY to capture by comparing the differences of civilization. She has been studying much of the mystery, learned to ancient era of creation. And her questions were arrived follow the Bible, in which predict the future from the past. It is, has been utilized to now, leading to a current NPO activities.

Currently, she is living with her husband, Hiroya Ishikawa (Dentist) and a dog.
She has a son (Dentist) and two daughters (English teacher and dentist), and 7 grandchildren.