Rinko’s VIP Room has been established.

I rented small room in Tokyo, Suginami Ward, Suginami public hall, and invited guests. Meetings are scheduled for once a month. The guests according to Rinko’s unique sensibilities can range from educators to artists / corporate managers, scholars, and from priests to inventors.

In the VIP Room Rinko ‘s guests will share their lives from the past the present, and tell about their dreams for the future. Everyone will profess high ambitions, for the sake of the world. They are happy to work for people. They are people who are willing to make society happier in their environment with their talents. Similar to the the purpose of awarding the Nobel prize, we aim to contribute to humanity, and create new values by inviting organizations and related people who will open doors in Japan to new civilization.

Let’s have fun discussing the particular mission you personally are striving to accomplish! The rooms are small and the number of people will be less than 30, but I want to video it, post it on the Internet, and share valuable experiences with everyone in the world.

Here we will introduce the first guests who will be invited.